Depth One - Atlantis

"Bringing the concept of the mysterious nation, the City of Atlantis, to the making of wrist watch, a new era design is ready to be unfolded after over 24 months of development."




" Depth One" is the first and only diver watch crafted with crystal and features a complex and precise multi-layered structure. "

" On the dial, a delicate design on the translucent disc presents the geometric concept of the city Atlantis. "

With the intention of making this treasure alive, crystal was selected as the main component of the case. The name "ATLANTIS" is marked on the side of the watch using SuperLuminova, shining through the crystal case in dark environment and appearing like a glowing gem at the bottom of the ocean.

"DEPTH" is born to break the tradition of diver watches with its multi-layered case structure while maintaining the watch’s legibility especially underwater. "


Discover Your ATLANTIS

Stage 8 20_Full 05.jpg

Atlantis - Black

Ref: 11011

USD 2400

Atlantis - Yellow

Ref: 11012

USD 2400

Atlantis - White

Ref: 11014

USD 2400

Atlantis - Red

Ref: 11013

USD 2400

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